Camsensor Wood Vision has developed a range of scanning systems that solve a wide range of processing and grading requirements. Specialising in three key manufacturing operations..

Wood Vision - Engineered Wood Solutions

Engineered Wood Solutions

Camsensor Wood Vision have many years experience developing scanning solutions for Plywood, LVL, MDF and OSB plants. The solutions range from grading to process monitoring and control.

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Wood Vision - Sawmill Solutions

Sawmill Solutions

In the sawmill, Camsensor Wood Vision has experience developing solutions for Sawmills. Extending to scanners for the log yard, saws and grading areas to office management systems.

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Wood Vision - Fingerjoint Solutions

Fingerjoint Solutions

Camsensor Wood Vision has worked in a number of areas in the finger joint manufacturing process. Key solutions are to do with scanning and optimising prior to the fingerjoint processs.

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