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Automate & optimize TO THE NEXT LEVEL

Using machine vision to clip and grade veneer has been the industry standard for many years. Now the challenge is optimizing other areas of production which are time- and labor-intensive such as sorting, repairs and stacking.

Machine vision and industrial robotics can leapfrog your production yield and add further competitive edge to your business.

How can it help you?

  • Clipping optimization
  • Clipper and dryer visual grading
  • Moisture detection and sorting
  • Layup scanning
  • Robotic green and dry veneer stacking
  • Reporting and integration with moisture and strength graders
  • Collecting data on defect trends to isolate production line problems

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Success Stories: Veneer

Vision technology and robotic integration has accelerated achievements in veneer scanning. including:  optimised clipping, dryer and layup grading sorting, dry and wet sheet stacking and automatic plugging.

Future Technology

In the ever-evolving machine vision industry agile trends like machine-learning and artificial intelligence point the way.

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