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Camsensor's support policy is to prevent problems before they occur. And if they do occur, our commitment is to give the best service possible. This gives you peace of mind, and a hassle free experience. Our services include:

Preventative Maintance

Proper care and regular maintenance will avoid unnecessary downtime and save you time and money in the long run. With the contract you get a number of regular and thorough scheduled visits.


Make sure operators are well trained and your camsensor system is always running at its optimal level.

Offsite Service

We offer fast and reliable remote problem analysis and system backups. We can even monitor via remote cellular connection!

Web Support

Your own custom website with all your service sheets, calibration data, system documentation and engineering data online in one place.

Extended Warranty

An extended warranty covers all major Camsensor components for your entire service contract duration.

Reduces Callout Fees

We offer fast response times with reduced rates to solve any issues quickly and efficiently, reducing down time and ensuring your product quality.


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Nathan Vissers

Customer Service Manager
Head Office New Zealand

Email Nathan
p: +64 9 4889222
f: +64 9 4889225