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Shaping the future of engineered wood.

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Machine vision systems are being applied to all kinds of engineered wood products. Systems like OSB face and edge scanners, plywood tongue and groove scanners, panel repair, and veneer graders for sorting and clipping. These machine vision solutions are helping manufacturers improve their production yield, lower costs, streamline processes, and meet increasing demands for high-quality, consistent products.

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Success Stories: OSB

Vision technology and industrial robotics have progressed to accommodate the latest standards for OSB, including:   face grading, edge density, tongue & groove profiles, paper & foil overlays.

Success Stories: Veneer

Vision technology and automation has accelerated achievements in veneer scanning. including:  optimised clipping, dryer and layup grading sorting, dry and wet sheet stacking and automatic plugging.

Success Stories: Plywood

Vision technology and robotic integration has opened up new opportunities in plywood manufacturing. including:  final 2D and 3D face grading,  layup edge scanning, tongue & groove profiles and automated rout and repair.

Future Technology

In the ever-evolving machine vision industry, agile trends like machine-learning and artificial intelligence point the way.

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